Bronze finishes have become popular and contemporary in the evolution of interior design, the unique characteristic found in this rich metal are that it can create both a classical, antique look in a home, or it can cast a very modern edge. A perfect example of the contrast this timeless dark metallic shadel can add is found in bronze mirrors for bathrooms, the bold look of a bronze framed mirror hangs perfectly against light wall shades, neutrals and even deep wall colors.
Another current trend found in home décor is the mixing of metals, bronze is a perfect metal to mix because it is so dark and warm, it goes well with silver, chrome or gold alike. Bronze mirrors for bathrooms with ornate or intricate designs will give a vintage tone to the space, while bronze mirrors with solid, straight lines portray a sleek, twenty-first-century look.
Design experts tend to agree, bronze mirrors and fixtures are not a quickly passing trend, the look has stood the test of time and is a simple way to add sophistication and even texture to your bathroom or home.

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